Keep Your Eye on the Ball Package

Experience the excitement of the NCAA tournament games with our Keep Your Eye on the Ball Package. This package includes overnight accommodations in our luxurious rooms where you can relax and unwind after cheering on your favorite teams. Enjoy 2 complimentary appetizers and 2 draft beers in Shades Lounge while watching the games. Stay hydrated with our Wellsworth Water Bottle and take advantage of our basketball court for practice, pickup games and knockout tournaments.


Your package includes:
  • Luxurious Overnight Accommodations 
  • Two complimentary appetizers and two draft beers in Shades Lounge to enjoy while watching the NCAA tournament games
  • Two Wellsworth Water Bottles per room
  • Access to basketball courts for practice, games, and tournaments
All packages are based on availability, subject to applicable taxes, and may not be combined with any other special offers or discounts.



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